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Renewing Lives is supported by its Board members, public donors, local churches, and is applying for grants.


Renewing Lives Board members and volunteers do not receive compensation for their work.  The entire church entity is conducted on a voluntary basis so that 100% of all funds received support investment in helping individuals gain restored lives.


IRS law allows our church to receive tax deductible donations of the following:

  • Monetary funds (cash, check, credit card, grants, matching grants).
  • Property: real estate, land, building, vehicle, boat, aircraft, stock, options, goods, jewelry, gems, objects of art, collections, inventory, patents, bonds, interest in a business, annuities, interests for life or terms of years, remainders, reversions, and partial interest in property not in trust.

Our IRS EIN# is 27-1577509


Be part of God’s Word renewing lives by making a tax-free donation now.

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