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Reach A Prisoner™

Every year hundreds of thousands of prisoners will be released throughout the United States into communities, including yours.


Roughly two-thirds of these paroled prisoners will be re-arrested within three years. Most employers don’t want to hire parolees.  Without help getting a job, prisoners often resort to “easy money” and its consequences to survive.


Prisoners are locked in their cell for a large number of hours (for some 23 of 24) without opportunities to be productive, gain an education, or other wholesome alternatives. Some prisoners are fortunate enough to have a job where they earn from eight to thirty-nine cents an hour. The likelihood of a prisoner saving enough to afford a nice Bible, or Bible study workbook on their own is not likely. They need help from the outside to obtain wholesome books while incarcerated.


You could be used to influence and change a person’s heart and course of life. Even the most hardened prisoner has accepted the challenge to complete a Fool-Proof Wisdom Bible study workbook when given the opportunity.



How it works:


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